Happy New Moon!

It’s Moon Festival time — which besides being an occasion to partake in those red bean, lotus or egg yolk filled moon cakes— is sort of the Harvest Festival of Chinese culture. Our family actually doesn’t make a whole big deal out of the Moon Festival. Steve, the boys and I joined my brother Bernard (hereon referred to as “Beno”) and his wife Kaela, for dinner at my mom’s house. It wasn’t until we were having our dessert of mango mousse cake from Sheng Kee Bakery (Asians have a fetish for mousse-y desserts) and an apple pie that I baked, did we realize that we didn’t actually have any moon cakes. Oh well.

The New Moon is a also good time to make a fresh start… so here we are! Yes, HapaMama has been a long time coming, but we are finally up and running. You may notice that some of the previous posts are a bit old, but now that we have worked out the glitches, the posts from here on out will be new.

 As parents, we start complaining mid-summer about the kids hanging around too much, and start moaning loudly about how we wish school would start already. But, as I’m learning, Fall brings a lot of transitions, work, and crankiness. For the kids and parents.

Stay tuned for more about the continuing homework saga and the three year-old who doesn’t want to put on his clothes.

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