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Yes, I’ve been absent for a while… busy taking a writing class this quarter and neglecting my HapaMama readers. But I received an e-mail today that struck me as sad reminder of how this recession is hitting small business owners — particularly those with a niche market.

As you know these are difficult times for everyone. Many large and small business will close. Zhen Beauty also faces this harsh reality after 15 years of giving you the cosmetics you need. The prices of our materials, manufacturing and shipping keep increasing, in order for us to continue giving you great products we need your help.  Zhen asks for your feedback on how we can provide our products and service in today’s tough economic enviroment. One way you can help us is by referring your friends and family to our website for their beauty needs. We are seeking new ways to provide you with the products and service you enjoy at reasonable prices.Click Here to send your ideas and feedback to me


Although HapaMama is not a consumer blog (and there are plenty of those out there) I have been fascinated by Zhen Cosmetics for quite some time. I first saw their products advertised in some Asian American publications back in the mid 90’s, and was intrigued at how a couple of Chinese American sisters (from Minnesota, no less!) started up a business with the premise of making cosmetics for Asian skintones. I’ve ordered a few of their products before, and their customer service was excellent. They even sent me a new pump top for a bottle of foundation when I couldn’t get the original one to work.

Zhen Cosmetics frequently runs e-mail specials, offering discounts for Lunar New Year, the Moon Festival, etc. Right now they are running  the following promotion:

Save $10 on any Product Purchase Of $25.00 or More!Simply order $25.00 or more of regular priced products of your choice from our website www.zhenbeauty.com or call us at 800.457.8455.  When ordering at www.zhenbeauty.com just click on “Enter Promotional Code” at the bottom of your shopping cart under the last item in your cart. A window will open to enter Internet Special Code 93211 to receive $10 off your order (see example below).  If the discount does not show up on your form then enter Internet Special Code 93211 in the “comment” section of the online order form to receive the $10 off your order of $25 or more, your browser may not accept popup windows


In this economic climate (okay, let’s just call it a depression), every one is so conscious about how they’re spending their money. But in addition to counting our pennies, let’s also be conscientious about where we’re putting them. I’ve been trying to frequent the independent bookstores, instead of the mass marketeers… and as always, prefer the mom-and-pop restaurant over the chains. Because, if the Big Box retailer closes 20% of their stores, who’s really going to notice? But if the corner cafe or the quirky boutique goes out of business, it’s taking a little piece of our uniqueness with it.


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    I totally agree about choosing to put our money toward the small independents rather than the big box stores. Perhaps the only good thing to come from this economic disaster we’re in is that perhaps the small retailers will regain their niche when the big stores cut back.

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