What’s a Spork Got to Do With It?

The staple fast foods of my childhood came in little white and red boxes. No, not those Chinese take-out cartons — I mean the striped bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

My mother explained that when she first immigrated to America — specifically to the Midwest — she did not like the food. Not the 1960s cafeteria choices, not even hamburgers. Then she tried Kentucky Fried Chicken. The crispy batter, the juicy drumsticks… that was finger lickin’ good. Apparently, other new arrivals had the same idea, and the little striped boxes were often served to kids at Taiwanese community gatherings. Seriously.

My favorite part was that lemony moist towelette. That or the spork that came wrapped in the same plastic packet.

That cr0ss-breed eating utensil is now a tool to talk about mixed-race issues in Kyo Maclear’s new children’s picture book Spork. Check out Book Dragon’s review!

And while you’re at it, check out myOpen Salon review of Jonathan Franzen’s Santa Cruz speaking engagement, the kick off to his Freedom tour.


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