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Remember when Sh*t My Dad Says became an overnight Twitter sensation? And then a book? And a TV show?

I must admit to browsing the book and finding the collection of anecdotes doled out by the son of a gruff military doctor hilarious — even endearing, in a non-treacly way. Then, I have to admit the schadenfreude fairy started whispering in my ear: What? You have a dad (not to mention a mom) dispensing harsh, but well-intentioned, advice. With an accent, even! Why didn’t you think of that?

Well, two Taiwanese American college students, Teresa Wu and Serena Wu (no relation), not only thought up that idea but created the blog My Mom is a Fob. Now, it is also the book “My Mom is a Fob: Earnest Advice in Broken English from Your Asian-American Mom“, with an anointing forward by the queen of Asian American humor – Margaret Cho.

If you’re the kind of mama who loves her *bling* and her food (and come on, what kind of HapaMama doesn’t?) then you NEED to check out White On Rice Couple‘s series of posts Nail Shop Eats. Diane Cu writes about her Vietnamese mother’s nail shop, where customers are offered their choice of polish color — and may also be practically force-fed a homemade caramelized pork bahn mi sandwich. The Nail Shop Eats posts are infrequent and sort of buried amidst the rest of their jaw-droppingly scrumptious food photography, but like a good bahn mi , worth hunting down! Now if I can only find this nail salon…

I will spare my own mother from this post, but if there is any justice in the universe, you can look forward to one of my children writing Sh*t My Mama Blogged.

Boy with notebook

Sh*t My Mom Blogged, Vol. I


    • grace says

      thanks for stopping by, Teresa! I did enjoy the book, although I felt a bit old reading it ;) I’ll also be reviewing it later as part of an article for Talking Writing.


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