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Did someone proclaim it Multicultural Week and not tell me?

I was very excited to find several bloggers on Open Salon discussing the concept of multiculturalism and mixed-race identity, especially from the viewpoint of children and young people.

 Nancy Davis Kho wrote Of Blasians, Quapas and Jew-Pinos in which she reflects on the way her Hapa children’s generation views being of mixed racial heritage. And she also brings up the question, is it okay to say the F-word? FOB (as in Fresh Off the Boat), that is.

Elliott Lewis of New Urban Blend has a list  of multicultural books that includes Young Adult novels, non-fiction and picture books, involving characters of mixed-race (mostly Black and white). Lewis himself is the author of the memoir “Fade: My Journeys in Multiracial America”. Lewis’ list was actually written a few months back, but I was lucky enough to find him when he commented on one of my Open Salon posts.

Have a good week!

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