Multiracial Growth and Hapa Identity Post on BlogHer

In addition to writing here at HapaMama, I’ve started a new job as the Race and Ethnicity Section Editor at BlogHer!

This week, I’ve written a roundup of the many of the conferences, books and films, and other issues surrounding the growing Hapa population — including some of my personal experiences navigating the waters of being in a mixed-race family. Check out the full article on BlogHer: Multiracial Population Grows Giving Birth to New Hapa Identity.

And check back at BlogHer’s Race and Ethnicity page. Each week, we’ll be spotlighting the excellent, timely posts from around the Internet, such as Betty Ming Liu’s reaction to
“Tiger Mother” Amy Chua’s presentation to the Asian American Journalists Association and Bicultural Mom’s great piece about Code-Switching.

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