Talking About My Mom is a Fob on Talking Writing

My Mom is a Fob bookcover

My Mom is a Fob, courtesy Perigree Trade

I first told you about the hilarious book My Mom is a Fob last January, but this week I’m taking a more detailed look at it on Talking Writing. If you have fobby parents or are lucky enough to still have summer vacations ahead of you, check out my review and ┬ápack this book along for some hilarious beach reading.

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    I discovered their blog several months ago and thought it was hilarious. it’s one of those things that’s difficult to explain to others. But it you are an Asian American with immigrant parents you totally get it. Thanks for sharing your well-written thoughts on the topic and the book. I look forward to checking it out.

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    Thanks, Angela and Bicultural Mama! You’re right, it’s hard to explain to those who don’t have Asian immigrant parents, but hilarious to those who do. Just don’t read it in a public place or people will look at you funny when you’re snorting with laughter ;)

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