Hapa Meetup Day: Saturday, September 3

SF South Park

South Park in San Francisco, where the Hapa Meetup will take place on September 10

For the first time ever, there will be Hapa meetups in various cities around the world. Although the events are organized mainly through college Hapa organizations or alumni groups, they are one hour meetups open to anyone who considers themselves Hapa and would like to meet others. And I don’t think anyone will mind if you show up with your little Hapas in tow ;)

Hapa Meetups worldwide:

Los Angeles (9/3)

New York (9/3)

San Francisco (9/10)
Honolulu (9/3)
Boston (9/3)

Washington DC (9/3)

Seattle (9/3)

Chicago (9/3)
Vancouver (9/4)

London (9/3)

Singapore (9/3)
Bangkok (9/3)

Seoul (9/3)

Global (9/15)

┬áSpecial thanks to Yes We’re Together and Harvard HAPA for letting me know about this event!



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