Happy Moon Festival!

Chinese mooncakes

Little mooncakes from Sheng Kee bakery, aren't they cute?

Do you have your moon cakes, pummelos and lanterns ready? Tonight, the Harvest Moon will fill the sky, marking the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. These little cakes come from Sheng Kee Bakery, where the fillings include red bean, pineapple and coconut. And if you’re interested in learning about making your own homemade moon cakes, check out my interview with Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, author of A Tiger in the Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family on BlogHer. Tan talks about the importance of preserving culinary traditions and also shares her own family recipe for Singaporean Green Moon Cakes scented with pandan.

Thank you to the partipants who read my review of Lin Yi’s Lantern: A Moon Festival Tale and checked out the other selections from Barefoot Books. And the lucky winner of this giveaway is…

Elisa Koff-Ginsborg, who will receive a copy of The Barefoot Book of Princesses, courtesy of Barefoot Books. She wrote:

My daughter loves princesses and I love seeing a book where it appears the princesses are strong diverse women!

 Hope you and your daughter enjoy the book!




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