My Son, The Writer

Moleskine Notebooks


The most fun part of watching my kids learn how to read and write is seeing their thoughts flow out onto the page as they write– even if it’s just an assignment for class. Little Brother has had a thing for notebooks ever since he was in preschool. And by notebooks, I mean gorgeous, leather-bound Moleskines. He used to draw stick figures and scribbles of “Star Wars”, but now that he is in first grade, he’s writing actual sentences and paragraphs.

In school, his teacher also has them write three sentences with their weekly spelling words. As I was opening up his folder this week, I had to chuckle as I read this:


I walk in the door.

I see a table and a cow!

Get the cow out.


The irony! Maybe its the irony only a mother can appreciate.

This morning, Little Brother told me, “I wish I could write a story, like fiction.”

I told him, “I think you already have.”





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    I really believe that watching our children grow, seeing how their little minds develop, is one of the most exciting things in a parents life. Though my children are grown, I am still in awe of their life changes, and usually for the positive. I now also get to watch my two grandsons change and develop; it is an awesome feeling! :)

    Great post, Grace!

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