Hinamatsuri: Japanese Girls Day is March 3

In Japanese culture, March 3 is Hinamatsuri, or Girls Day. The holiday celebrates girls and their futures. In the spirit of springtime and femininity, many of the traditional foods of Hinamatsuri are pink, including chirashi sushi and  sakura mochi. The mochi are tinted pink from cherry juice and wrapped in a salted cherry leaf.


These lovely sakura mochi are from the Shuei-Do Manju Shop in San Jose’s Japantown, where they are handmade in the traditional way for only a few days each year.

Besides the festive foods, families often display elaborate  dolls of the emperor, empress and imperial court on multi-tiered red carpets.

Hinamatusri Dolls

Image Credit: David Wiley/opencontent, Flickr

And in case you were wondering, the Japanese also have a Boys Day, which is celebrated on May 5 each year.




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