A Day in the Life of a 9-Year Old Boy


The sun was shining, the trees were blossoming, and we had a few hours of free time last weekend, so I dragged Big Brother to the local schoolyard for a project I’ve really wanted to do for a long time: a day in the life of a boy photo shoot.


My kids generally groan and make bad faces when I pull out the camera and start taking pictures, especially if I announce, “Today, we are going to put on nice clothes and take family photos!”

So instead, I wanted to capture them in the natural environment — playing ball, riding bikes, just being boys. Turns out I only got one of my boys to go along, but it actually made for some better images.


I just finished an online class with Clickin’ Moms, learning the basics of editing and organizing photos with Adobe Lightroom. I did the follow-along version, which costs only $150, as opposed to the full-version, which costs $300 and allows participants to upload their photos and receive critiques from the teacher and classmates.


I spent about an hour shooting these pictures. And not much more editing — which was a tremendous improvement over my old software, which required applying changes to each image, individually.

Big Brother was a good sport about it all. But after a while, boys will be boys…


Clickin’ Moms gave me a free trial membership to their online community. I was not compensated by ClickinMoms or Adobe for this post. Affiliate links are included. All the opinions expressed are my own.


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    Grace, what a great idea. I love the shots you captured. I totally understand the whole groaning and complaining you receive when you pull the camera out. Happens in my house too ;)
    I too am taking a CM workshop as a study-along right. Shooting 201 – Beyond the basics. We are in our final week and man I’ve learned A LOT! Do excited to practice! :)
    By the way, glad you got LR! Is it LR4? Trying to decide if I should upgrade….

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    Thanks, Adel. It was fun! While a lot of people talk about correcting anything and everything digitally, I still find it easier to get it right in the camera whenever possible. Of course, with active kids, that’s not always possible!

    I’m sure you’re getting a lot of great ideas from Shooting 201. Can’t wait to see your images.

    And no, I haven’t upgraded to LR4 yet. Debating whether to go ahead and take the plunge now, before I get used to LR3 and have to teach an old dog new tricks ;)

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    Great sharp photos. I’ve wanted to take a class of theirs for a while, but just haven’t had the $$. Glad you learned something from it :)

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      Thank you, Lisa! ARe you a member of Clickin’ Moms? Let me know your username so I can find you. I’m HapaMama. If you aren’t already a member and want to join, I’d appreciate it if you join through the links in my post ;)

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