Stanford Study Looking for Asian Mothers and Hapa Daughters



Are you an Asian American mother of a mixed-race (Asian-white) daughter? A Stanford University student is looking for people to interview for her senior thesis. I recently received an inquiry from Jamie Yuen-Shore, an incoming senior at Stanford who is herself Hapa. Jamie is studying Mixed Race Studies, a topic which caught her interest when she was still a high school student in San Francisco. Here’s a little bit about why she is doing this research:

I think it is important to gather mixed race stories and share them because it wasn’t until I joined the Hapa club or even until I took this class in college that I got to really hear stories about of the experiences and anxieties I personally have had regarding my racial identity. I hope these interviews, in addition to providing me invaluable data for my research, will also be an opportunity for mothers and daughters to reflect on their identities and maybe even learn something they hadn’t known about each other.

Sounds like an great opportunity to help a college student and perhaps start some interesting conversations.

Stanford Research Study on Asian Mothers and Mixed-Race Daughters

You are invited to participate in a research study on the co-creation of racial identity by US born Asian mothers and mixed Asian and White daughters. The purpose of this study is to gain exploratory knowledge of processes through which mixed Asian/White daughters are racially socialized and what factors and experiences impact the formation of their racial identity. You will be asked to participate in a 1-2 hour pair interview with your mother or daughter, and complete and Mother Adult-Daughter Questionnaire. The interviews will be recorded,transcribed and used as the data for my senior thesis project. You will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as payment for your participation.

Criteria for participating daughters: Mixed Asian/white, college age (has attended at least of year of college/ has not been out of college for more than one year), raised in the US

Criteria for participating mothers: US born Asian American


If you have any questions about this study or are interested in participating, contact the Protocol Director, Jamie Yuen-Shore,, 415-613-5921.

The interviews will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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