San Francisco Day Trip: Aquarium of the Bay

Aquarium of the Bay


I started off the summer with all sorts of grand ideas: lemonade stands, beach trips, craft projects. Sadly, school starts in just a few days and our main summer activity seems to be benign neglect. Which is a necessary part of child development (or so I’m told). But sometimes, you gotta buck up and Be the Mom You Want to See in the World.

So, the boys and I celebrated the last Friday of summer vacation with a trip to San Francisco. We spent a day being tourists in our own backyard, exploring Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 and the Aquarium of the Bay.

Aquarium of the Bay tickets


With an Aquarium of the Bay coupon from SmartSave, a U.K. based company that offers discounts to many family attractions, my two kids and I were able to visit the aquarium for just $30. As a partner of The Bay Institute, the exhibits focus on the local sea life in and around the San Francisco Bay, such as jellyfish:

JellyfishAnd starfish at the Touch the Bay ponds:


And our favorite part: the Under the Bay exhibit. It’s a good sized walk-though tunnel that makes you feel like you are swimming through the bay, complete with dock pilings and all kinds of fish — including sturgeons, sharks and sting rays — only you get to stay warm and dry.

Under the Bay Aquarium of the Bay

Look carefully at the photo above… that is an aquarium employee swimming around in scuba gear!


Fish Aquarium of the Bay

Sardines swirling overhead in Under the Bay.


Aquarium funny photo

Aaaack! We’re being attacked by sharks! The boys even humored me by taking some funny green-screen photos to remember our outing.


Want to visit the Aquarium of the Bay?

Visit SmartSave to get your Aquarium of the Bay coupons and save 20% on admission.




  1. Leanna @ Alldonemonkey says

    What great pictures! We have been to the Aquarium of the Bay several times, and it is wonderful! We got to take our son there last summer, and he had a blast. I think he would enjoy it even more now that he’s older. Thanks for sharing the coupon deals! I will definitely check that out, since otherwise it can get pretty pricey.

  2. says

    aww… what a fun day out! i’ve learned that all things touristy in this city is almost always a big hit with my kids!! i’ve done lots of touristy stuff just for that reason alone! :)
    your boys look like they had a blast. and how great to spend an entire day just having fun with mom! :)

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