Dim Sum Warriors Kickstarter to Print Paper Comics

I recently found out about Dim Sum Warriors, a comic e-book series for kids ages 7-12. The comics combine two things I’m always on the lookout for: Chinese bilingual learning and… food. The heroes are dumplings and the villain is Colonel Quickynoodle, a mutant pot of instant ramen. But here’s the bummer: so far the books are only available for iPad or Kindle. You can read download them to iBooks on your iPhone, as well, but the words get awfully small to read.

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned paper book. You know, like when you don’t own an iPad (yup, me) or when your kids want to read in bed or take it to school. That’s why the creators of Dim Sum Warriors, husband and wife team Dr. Yen Yen Woo and Colin Goh, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to publish Vol. I of the series in print. But before I could write about it, they actually reached their goal of raising $8000. And the fundraising doesn’t end until November 15. So they are upping the ante, and trying to raise enough money to also publish Vol. II, as well as donate money to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Download Dim Sum Warriors Free Through November 15

Here’s the link to the Dim Sum Warriors Kickstarter┬ápage and information about special gifts for contributors. And until November 15, you can download the e-books for free at the App Store or the Kindle Store.

Let me know what you think about Dim Sum Warriors!





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