We’re Going to Taiwan!



Today was the first sunny, non-freezing Saturday in a long time. And we had no scheduled activities. So you’d think we’d spend some quality family together time, doing something fun and outdoorsy, right?

Well, we had lots of family together time. Two and a-half hours worth… sitting in a stuffy government office watching scratchy VHS tapes of old Disney movies while babies cried and phlegmatic old people coughed all around us. Oh, and did I mention the piles of paperwork and the hundreds of dollars we had to fork over when they finally called our number? The kids wanted to leave after about ten minutes. And HapaPapa was even saying we should just come back next week. Like it would be any easier on another day!

Don’t worry, we aren’t in any kind of legal bind.

We are however… going to Taiwan!

Yes, we finally decided that with the kids now out of diapers and not yet old enough to drive off without us, now is the time to make this trip. They’ve never been to Taiwan before. I’ve only been there twice before, myself. My brother and I were much younger than my kids the first time our parents took us back to Taiwan. Which may explain why they didn’t take us back again until we were adults.

We have our work cut out for us, though. Sure, we applied for the kids’ passports. We need to research good prices on plane tickets, get updated on our shots, narrow down the places we want to visit. And brush up on our Mandarin Chinese skills, too. Or for my kids, learn some, period. Anything else I’m missing? I’m a little worried about bringing my picky eaters to “Sweet Potato Island”, where has been colonized by McDonald’s and Pizza Hut — but who wants to eat burgers and breadsticks when there’s hot soybean milk every morning and stinky tofu every night? We have a few things to work on.


Have you travelled to Taiwan or other parts of Asia with your kids? How did you prepare? What did you do? Any advice? 



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