I Usually Don’t Get So Excited About Food Storage

But look at these beauties!



I found them for sale at Marshall’s recently, and had to have them. Not only are they cute Asian (Japanese?) bowls in their own right, they come with handy plastic lids, which make them great for food storage. The lids even have steam vents for warming up leftovers in the microwave.


Lately, I’ve been steering away from plastic Tupperware-type containers, because I don’t want to take any chances with BPA off-gassing, especially wheat re-heating leftovers. I have some glass Snapware containers from Costco, which are pretty good, albeit, utilitarian.
So I was so excited when I saw these. They are pretty enough to serve from, and stack inside each other for storage. And cheap, too! Prices ranged from $2.99 for the small one to $4.99 for the large one. Too bad there were no markings or indications of the brand. Only a sticker on the side with some Chinese characters that appears to say “kanji” (which means Chinese — in Japanese).


The only downside is that the lids don’t seal tightly, so these wouldn’t be great for carrying food to lunch. I went back to my local Marshall’s last weekend, just to check if they had any other cute designs, but they were nearly sold out.


Have you seen covered bowls like this sold anywhere?


I bought all these products myself and all the above ravings are my own opinions.


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