San Francisco Clickin Walk 2013: Mission District

Last weekend, I took part in the Clickin Walk, an annual photo excursion organized in different cities by Clickin Moms. Two years ago, I went to the San Francisco Clickin Walk from the Ferry Building to Chinatown. This year, we had a chance to explore the Mission District, a predominantly Latino neighborhood which has become sort of a hipster hot spot over the past decade.

It was fun to see some of the women I met at the last Clickin Walk, and so nice that they remembered me, even though I wasn’t able to join last year’s event. And these were some creative and stylish photographers!


This little guy stole the show as we were waiting in Clarion Alley.


I would love to know what his story is…


As I walked around the streets, I had my eyes on different scenes I could capture to illustrate future blog posts. Keep checking back, you might recognize some more of my Mission District photos here at HapaMama!



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      Linda, I think we went to Balmy Alley. Is that the one with the childbirth mural? We ate at Zoe’s near there, although there was more drinking than eating ;)

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