Why I’m No Longer a Soccer Mom

Evening soccer

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It was bound to happen eventually. As I’ve written before, soccer hasn’t been my kids’ favorite sport. Judging by the amount of cajoling it took to get one of my sons to his games, soccer may as well be the new piano lesson.  So I can’t exactly say I was sad when neither of my boys wanted to play this fall. Yeah, it’s a little lonely when all the families we’re used to hanging out with on the weekends are heading to the soccer field with their minivans stuffed full of lawn chairs and juice boxes. But I can’t say I’m completely sad that I’m no longer a soccer mom.

In fact, over at Mom.me, I’m sharing 8 Reasons Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Soccer Mom, not the least of which is chewed up orange rinds. Yup. You’ll have to read it to see if you can relate!


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    @Bicultural Mama, Soccer is such a big part of early elementary school, but as they get older it’s time for kids to pursue what they really like and drop the things they don’t. However, team sports are some of the less expensive activities my kids have done, compared with martial arts or music, etc!

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    LOL! My oldest daughter is now at the age she can join team sports. She wasn’t interested, I didn’t push it, so we aren’t doing them. She instead wanted to do piano, science, and Chinese school. All 1 hour/week and no equipment…phew! I think this is too much and will look to cut down to 2 activities next semester. I find that the activities are not only for my child but consume my time and our family time. I want to try not to commit this much time until they are past the recreational stage and want to fine tune their skills. This might be very selfish of me.

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    That’s great to let your daughter choose. Not having any girls, I don’t know for sure, but it seems that team sports are more of a social thing for boys. On the flip side, I also think it’s harder for older kids to join in a team when their peers have been playing sine they were younger and are more experienced. But it’s up to your child and your family to decide which activities you want to spend your time doing ;)

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