I Might Have to Buy a Rainbow Loom

rainbow loom

Image Credit: Michaels

Unless you are living under a rock (or in a household of boys), you’ve probably heard about the Rainbow Loom. Like Silly Bandz and good ol’ friendship bracelets before, rubber band bracelets made on the Rainbow Loom are THE THING for kids nowadays. Now that the scales have fallen off my eyes, I’m finding out all kinds of really cool things about this gadget, like… it was invented by an Asian American dad, Cheong Choon Ng.Ng invented the loom out of a wooden board and push pins, as a way to join in with his teenage daughters who were making friendship bracelets by hand. With his engineering background, Ng was able to source a plant in China to manufacture a molded plastic version of his loom. Now he’s been able to quit his job and hire a staff of 12 to run a warehouse.

Guess what someone in my family might be receiving for Christmas?

And to think I almost didn’t hear about this story! Read more on Why Am I the Last Mom to Hear About the Rainbow Loom? over at Mom.me.




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