Overprotected Kids? Not Mine… At Least I Don’t Think So


Was this picture taken in 1977? Or last year? Read on, and find out.


“Hey! It’s my turn to use the axe!”

I sat bolt upright in my sleeping bag, as most any modern-day mother would upon hearing those words. Then, I noticed that my two junior woodsmen were fast asleep in the tent, just a few feet away from me. I pulled the covers over my head and fell back to sleep. After all, isn’t that what vacations are for?

This really happened to me, during a multifamily camping trip last summer. A recent article in The Atlantic, “The Overprotected Kid,” reports that today’s youngsters don’t get to experience enough risk. My children, on the other hand, probably push the modern boundaries of wandering, experimenting, building and sometimes even, fighting.

The vacation was an extension of the Adventure Guides circle my husband and sons have been part of.

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    Appreciate that you allowed your child to cycle out of sight at 11 yrs. Best thing that he ride with another pal of his to allay your fears. There’s little group of children who meet up and ride 1 km. to school ..in the winter in snow.

    • says

      @Jean, thanks for commenting. My son rides with a group of 5-6 friends, and everyone now in the neighborhood recognizes them as the “biker gang”.

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