7 Year Old Baylor Needs Bone Marrow Match

Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to find out your child has leukemia.

Imagine how grateful you would be when he beats it.

Imagine what it would feel like to find your child has relapsed and needs a bone marrow transplant to live.

That is the story of  a seven-year-old boy named Baylor Nihei Frederickson who is in serious need of a bone marrow donor. Bay, as his family calls him, is Japanese and German, and be most likely to find a match from a donor who is also Asian and Caucasian.

Here’s a video of Bay and his sister:

It is extremely important to build up a database of Asian and mixed-race donors, since genetically, we are not as likely to find a match from the general population.

I swabbed my cheek and got registered in the national bone marrow registry several years ago, and there are several upcoming bone marrow drives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

More information about the need for Asian and mixed-race bone marrow donors 

Bay Area Bone Marrow Drives for Baylor


Albany High School

Saturday, May 10

2-6 p.m.

603 Key Route Blvd.

Albany, CA


Mother’s Day Stroll

Sunday, May 11 Nihei

1-4 p.m.

1540 Marchbanks Dr.

Walnut Creek, CA


U.C. Berkeley

Wednesday, May 14

1608 4th St. (front entrance)

Berkeley, CA 94710


Berkeley High School

Tuesday, May 27


1980 Allston Way

Berkeley, CA 94703

Meet on the steps  in the courtyard


Register By Mail

If you can’t make it to one of the bone marrow drives, you can get a free testing kit mailed to you. More drives are being organized every week, so visit the Asian American Donor Program website for the latest schedule or to request a kit to be sent to you.




Do it for Baylor… and all our kids.




  1. Tina says

    I just requested a home kit. I am 41 but still make the age cut. I am also half Japanese and hoping I will be able to help.

  2. April says

    Although I am not part Asian
    I will be praying for you to soon receive a donOr match. You’d sister did a terrific job of posting the video.
    Praying for a complete healing.

    A. Phelps

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