What’s a Spork Got to Do With It?

The staple fast foods of my childhood came in little white and red boxes. No, not those Chinese take-out cartons — I mean the striped bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

My mother explained that when she first immigrated to America — specifically to the Midwest — she did not like the food

Blogs about Books: Boys and Asian American

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One of my projects this summer has been to help keep my eight year old engaged in reading (20 minutes a day! says the principal). To further that end, I created an informal Boys Book Club for my son and a few of his friends. While that may sound like a lot of additional work, I see it as harnessing peer pressure to be used in a constructive direction. If I can get my kid’s friends to think reading is cool, then they will, in turn, reinforce that message back to my kid. Voila!